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Ferrari Limo Creation - Stage 1

While the red Ferrari stretch limousine looks like a lot of fun inside and out, its creation was taken very seriously, and almost didn’t happen because its creator wanted to be absolutely sure that he was building a safe and secure limousine, and so waited until just the right ‘coach builder’ came along.


Ferrari Limo being cut in half

Ferrari Limo Cut

Ferrari Mid Section

Ferrari Limo Middle

Ferrari Limo Build

Ferrari Limo Joined

Ferrari Limo Section

Ferrari Limo Side

Ferrari Limo Open

Click here to view more images of the build of the Ferrari Limo.

The coach builder was actually Chris Wright from Carbonyte UK and he began the stretching process of the Ferrari Modena 360 with the brief to obtain the maximum stretched length to allow for an extra six passengers in the completed limousine, while also maintaining the minimum deflection of the body structure.

The stiffness of the new and extended body, coupled with the new overall weight of the Ferrari were always going to affect the vehicle’s acceleration, braking and cornering. While the team working on the conversion of the Ferrari from super sports car to super stretch limo were aware that the changes would affect the Ferrari’s performance, their priority was to ensure that while it could no longer corner with the same precision, it was still safe.

So while the ride in the world’s first stretched limousine Ferrari is a lot of fun and a unique experience, and despite the incessant press and interesting stories surrounding the creation of the world’s fastest limousine, it is also important to know that the safety of the passengers was never compromised in the construction. While the passion, speed and style of the Ferrari Modena 360 were maintained, it was never at the expense of safety, durability or strength – and especially not at the expense of comfort.

So for more information about hiring the newest limousine in our fleet, and to be one of the first to enjoy a ride in the newly red Ferrari stretch limousine, contact us now.

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