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If you are the parent of a teenager about to finish school this year, you are probably already worried about them driving too fast, getting distracted by their passengers, being behind the wheel of a car which is too powerful for them, or simply being on the road, or the passenger in a car with another teenage driver.

Ferrari Limo Side - door open
Red Ferrari Limo

Well these fears will probably not be allayed any when your son or daughter announces to you that they want to arrive to their prom in the Ferrari limousine. Thoughts of ‘the world’s fastest limo’ and rev head chauffeurs are probably speeding through your head and you may be thinking that hiring a sports car for your child’s prom night is just inviting disaster.

However, while the Ferrari Modena limousine is the fastest limousine in the world, and was built from one of the most famous sports cars in the world, as a prom limousine the stretch Ferrari will be driven with the same safety and care afforded to our other chauffeur driven luxury vehicles. As your child heads off to their prom night, their Ferrari limousine chauffeur is of course going to be driving them along public roads, and therefore will adhere to the marked speed limit, and will often maintain a speed below that which is posted for added safety.

Our prom limousine chauffeurs are also experienced drivers who have undergone a number of driving courses, safety and background checks and will not be swayed into dragging other cars at the traffic lights, or trying to find a deserted road for a speed test – which are just some of the things you’ve been worried about right?

Well there is no need because while your child and their date and their friends can enjoy the luxury, style, presence and reputation of the Ferrari limousine on their prom night, you too can enjoy a relaxing night knowing they have a safe driver behind the wheel.

For more information about hiring the stretch Ferrari Modena 360 as a prom limousine in your area, contact Ferrari Limos now.

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