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Compare Wedding Cars London

Are you interested in the finer things in life? If so you will be engrossed in our fleet, a collection of the world’s most exclusive super cars.

Whether you see yourself as a Lamborghini or Ferrari person we at Compare Super Car Hire can help you with your vehicle choice. Boasting a team of experts our staff are well and truly equipped to advise you on your super car hire.

It is safe to say that we are the connoisseurs when it comes to performance car rental, having over a decade of experience in the field. 

Our customers mirror our appetite for the innovative cars of our time, revelling in the greatness of impressive automobiles. Over the years we have found that beautiful cars are a universal language that everyone speaks. 

Whether you are in Cardiff, Bristol, Edinburgh or Norfolk, self-drive super cars are of interest to you.

Although boasting a UK-wide coverage we have found that London is one of the best places to rent a super car. 

While not an area best known for its enjoyable roads it is a city of excitement, galvanising in wealth and luxury. If you want to hire a self-drive Lamborghini in London then we are the ones to make that happen. 

Allow heads to turn your way in our Lamborghini Aventador. Alternatively, if you live in London and have an important trip planned why not hire an extravagant vehicle, adding that sense of speciality to your travels. 

We appeal to those who enjoy living life to the fullest, spending their time making invaluable memories. 

All of our cars are in pristine condition, maintained and looked after to ensure all of our customers receive the highest standard of service for their high specification of sports cars.

So, whether you want to hire an Audi R8 or a Bentley Mulsanne contact us today and start comparing!


Wedding Car Hire in Ilford

April 25th 2014

Welcome to Compare Super Car Hire, the only firm that provides you with a long list of performance car hire options.

Our diverse fleet gives way to happy car lovers, ensuring that we can put them in contact with the cars they have only ever dreamt about driving.

Where being chauffeur-driven provides a sense of wealth and importance there is no feeling that beats how fast cars make you feel.

You can only truly discover the greatness of super vehicles by getting in the driving seat, feeling the workings of the engine in which you control. Being d

Wedding Car Hire in Kent

April 24th 2014

Kent is an area of pastoral views, made-up of the most mesmerising scenery. In addition to the greenery Kent’s windy roads make for a fantastic place to enjoy the beauties of such drives.

With such close links to London Kent is a great place to enjoy stunning cars.

We at Compare Super Car Hire have extensive experience in the high performance hire car sector, thoroughly enjoying connecting car lovers with the most sought-after super cars of all time.

Where traditionally these opportunities were rare we

Wedding Car Hire in Essex

April 24th 2014

Essex is a city synonymous with excitement, an area of luxuriousness and extravagance.

If you live in Essex or are heading there for a trip then why not travel in true Essex fashion in one of our self-drive super car.

Whether you are in Essex for a birthday party, wedding, business event or even a holiday, make the most of your Essex excursion with a member of our fleet.

Luckily for you we can connect you with a whole array of exciting cars for hire. From our Ferrari and Lamborghini supercars to our prestigious Rolls Royce’s and Bentley’s, be sure that we can help you with the vehicles of your dreams.<